Welcome to our life


Domino is our loving Pit Bull who is pretty much the sweetest pup.  He even lets his mommy dress him up in silly things.  😉

Michael is a dog lover, an outdoor enthusiast, pizza lover, with tons of love and respect for our countries flag.  A Veteran of the United States Air Force, who served this country six years, pretty much a dreamboat! His talents and gifts are lovely to witness he is skilled in his writings and truly talented with his cooking as you can see these are very different.

Chip is our Yorkshire Terrier who has a tremendous amount of energy with a sensitivity to emotions.  He has gained some weight living in the country or daddy could be feeding him too much! 😛

Gabrielle is a Jesus lover who was praying for a country man, who loved guns, fitness, and health.  God did great!  She is also an artist who enjoys creating daily and making things pretty, an energy bunny, and huge foodie which brought these two together.

Baxter is our Shepherd Pit mix who is also our jumping espresso bean who is a lover of water and coldness.  He has a sweet spirit that makes for the glue of our pups.

Welcome to our family!