Relationships are tough, they are ever changing.  They can blossom to wonderful pieces of work or they can die.  Every relationship has moments of highs, lows, and sometimes rocky.  I have experienced a lot of them and learned a lot along the way. Finding our tribe, squad, or whatever you may call it is unique … More #Tribe


We will never be at a place in our walk with Jesus that is perfect.  It is just never going to happen.  Progress not perfection.  It’s a great MANTRA to have when you are needing to step out and stand up in trying something, anything, just moving is progress. My journey to serve our church … More Ministry

No Soliciting

My dear friends, an older couple married for 30 years in our church are currently taking classes to become counselors. They have already helped several couples who are engaged.They both told me that listening is the most important thing. People want to be heard. Sometimes, just having a thought said out loud with no interruption, will … More No Soliciting

There are moments my flesh is screaming, “NO, don’t do it.”  

Obedience defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary – an act or instance of obeying This has been hard for me, I desire to be a Proverbs 31 wife, seeking God when things in life are not going the way I would like.  At times Michael seems to be my adversary, but in reality, he isn’t.  The enemy puts … More There are moments my flesh is screaming, “NO, don’t do it.”  

Book Review

When hubs looked at my first post at first glance he said, “Is this a book review.” 😉 So that is the title of this posting. This is rather hard to share about, however, I am feeling the need to share my experience. Growing up in a Christian home and living my life as best … More Book Review

The Switch

After the wedding day there is marriage!  During our wedding planning, I had wise mentors pouring into me.  They shared that the wedding is “one day”.  This really lightened my load for the day, since I had been mentally preparing for the marriage. Boy was I in for a treat….growing is such a HUGE part … More The Switch