Year 1

I have been told by several friends and acquaintances how thoughtful I am when it comes to giving gifts. I never really thought it was anything out of the ordinary, however, with people sharing that what I do for others is unique and rare I have come to see that it is who I am. … More Year 1

Our babymoon trip!

I have been a cruise fanatic since my first at 9 years old. So when planning a babymoon I thought, “Why Not?!” We got engaged on Carnival Inspiration, honeymooned on Royal Caribbean Freedom Of The Seas so water is our thing – I have turned my husband into a cruise lover too! 🙂 Mission accomplished! First-day … More Our babymoon trip!

My Hero & Rock

I don’t know what I would do without Michael. Before we found out we were pregnant we had our fair share of fights or what we call “growing opportunities” however experiencing this new season has been a tug on us emotionally. Not saying this journey is going to get easy, but with God at the … More My Hero & Rock

Rate me, wake up!

Happy Marriage – Fawn Weaver (creator of Happy Wives Club) After listening to this Focus on the Family broadcast, I wanted to try it out. Rating how you are doing in the marriage department as a couple can be so helpful in building better communication.  It can be a bit scary not knowing what your spouse … More Rate me, wake up!

Happy 6 Months

So here ya go with my 10 things I have learned about marriage: Healthy communication is the root to a successful day Going to church together is essential to our spiritual growth Trying new things has opened us up to fun experiences Differences in our thinking has been challenging, yet exhilarating Sharing honestly in a … More Happy 6 Months

Don’t be a copy

I have to say the biggest hurdle being married which I didn’t see coming was this idea of comparing myself to Michael’s past.  I tried not to think about it, but somehow it always came up.  We all come into a relationship with baggage – I have baggage and I also had a lot of … More Don’t be a copy

I love dating!

In movies you see the guy plan the date.  They shower the young lady with gifts, dinner, and some fun activity.  After you get married some people forget to date their spouse.  I knew early on I was wanting to continue to date Michael and plan it in our calendar each week.  I heard a … More I love dating!


New Year’s brings a season of freshness.  For some reason, the beginning of a new year allows for us to dream again.  That is very much the case with me.  With that my focus I sought after resources that would lead me to my goal. Trust me this was a bit overwhelming.  When I go … More Gratitude


Relationships are tough, they are ever changing.  They can blossom to wonderful pieces of work or they can die.  Every relationship has moments of highs, lows, and sometimes rocky.  I have experienced a lot of them and learned a lot along the way. Finding our tribe, squad, or whatever you may call it is unique … More #Tribe