February 28

My birthday month was a roller coaster of emotions and it ended with tears of joy and lots of smiles. February 28th is the date we decided I should take another pregnancy test (our 3rd one). We had just gotten home from the grocery store I had to tay (my name for pee) so I grabbed … More February 28

Don’t be a copy

I have to say the biggest hurdle being married which I didn’t see coming was this idea of comparing myself to Michael’s past.  I tried not to think about it, but somehow it always came up.  We all come into a relationship with baggage – I have baggage and I also had a lot of … More Don’t be a copy


We will never be at a place in our walk with Jesus that is perfect.  It is just never going to happen.  Progress not perfection.  It’s a great MANTRA to have when you are needing to step out and stand up in trying something, anything, just moving is progress. My journey to serve our church … More Ministry

Book Review

When hubs looked at my first post at first glance he said, “Is this a book review.” 😉 So that is the title of this posting. This is rather hard to share about, however, I am feeling the need to share my experience. Growing up in a Christian home and living my life as best … More Book Review