Year 1

I have been told by several friends and acquaintances how thoughtful I am when it comes to giving gifts.

I never really thought it was anything out of the ordinary, however, with people sharing that what I do for others is unique and rare I have come to see that it is who I am.  No way of me breaking out of the very thing I enjoy doing.  It is part of my DNA so to speak.

As our anniversary started getting closer I wanted to follow the tradition of  “paper” and I looked to Pinterest to find some ideas on what to do.

Thanks to this blogger, Friday We’re in Love I loved the idea of this intentional dating method that seemed really fun.


I made it all my own and had fun thinking up some fun dates we hadn’t tried yet, some were pre-paid some will be budgeted and some are free (FREE is always great).

My personalized folders I created! ❤

Turns out he liked my date planner!

It will be so fun looking forward to these dates!  We are off to a great start on checking them off the list I feel really blessed to share my days with Michael.




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