Our babymoon trip!

I have been a cruise fanatic since my first at 9 years old. So when planning a babymoon I thought, “Why Not?!”

We got engaged on Carnival Inspiration, honeymooned on Royal Caribbean Freedom Of The Seas so water is our thing – I have turned my husband into a cruise lover too! 🙂 Mission accomplished!

First-day pre departure:

Family Babymoon! Only missing my sister Phoebe and Ryan my brother-in-law.
Sipping a Virgin Mango Magic I asked for the umbrella and pineapple they almost forgot!

On this trip, I did not pack or wear makeup, to be honest, I think I have only tried wearing makeup one time during my entire pregnancy.  The idea of sleeping is always more inviting than getting up early to fix my face. 😛

One of my favorite things I did pack was decorations and supplies.  The last couple of cruises I have been on I have enjoyed making door signage, but this one I was a bit tired and ended up printing off some cute ones I found on Pinterest.  The link is in the caption so don’t forget to get yours. 🙂

There are a couple reasons I enjoy this:

  1. You can find your room faster
  2. You have some personalization for your trip
  3. Others can learn what you are celebrating
  4. Great conversation starter with the staff and fellow passengers
  5. Also, it is just fun! ❤
I decorated with the help of my mommy and Michael everyone’s door for this trip.  Catch My Party to get your free printables.

Day 2 Ensenada day:

We didn’t bother getting off the boat, we enjoyed just hanging out together. We hit the gym every day and had fun training my parents with weights every morning.  For some reason, I expected to take the elevator more since I am pregnant however we took the stairs which turned out to be a nice additional workout!

It is out of character for me to pack the day before a trip but the night before our trip I did not fit in anything for the formal night.  I was getting pretty sad and didn’t want to buy anything since I am pretty frugal.  Fortunately, my mommy was able to lend me one of her dresses so I was able to feel comfortable and still look fancy! 🙂

My handsome groom on Formal night ❤

Day 3 at sea:

A couple weeks prior to leaving I read somewhere that Zika Virus was possibly present in Ensenada so with the scare I wanted to protect myself and our baby. We ordered these wristbands from Amazon and even though it smelled very strong we did not get bitten. Yippee! You can see in the photo below I have a pink one on and Michael has a blue one. 🙂

Simple Natural Products (15 pack)

I expected to go for a dip in the pool or splash around in Carnival’s Waterworks at some point, however, I am a chicken and it was too cold.  I was very surprised that in July it would be so cold with the wind and overcast clouds.

Minutes after Michael went down the giant slide 3 times! This baby will be a water lover too!


Feedback from fellow passengers:


Catch My Party to get your free printables.

I am really happy we did this family trip and Declan has already been on his first cruise! Got to start them young! Also, we did this trip with cash Dave Ramsey would be proud.







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