Timeshare experience

May 26, 2017

We arrived at our Lady Antebellum Heartbreak tour concert.


Trying to win VIP seats we were logging in our information at this computer with about 15 other people.

Somehow out of all those registering we got approached by a lady who wanted to know if we would be interested in getting a free trip.  Umm yes, please. 🙂

Here’s the thing we would have to drive to Encino, CA for a 90-minute presentation. We would then get our gifts $100 Restaurants.com card, theme park tickets, a trip to a resort, and our $40 deposit back. (They wanted to make sure we showed up) 🙂


Pre-concert photo! 
We found our seats! YAY!! This was our first concert so we had to document this!


We beat the rush out too!

June 4, 2017

Our appointment was at noon, we got there early and knew we weren’t going to get a timeshare due to being newlyweds, in debt, and well Dave Ramsey says don’t so that’s another reason!

Steve was our sales guy we were matched with.

Prior to going, I did some research of my own on this company not really finding much on their website I went to YouTube to see what others have experienced sitting in a presentation. Some were positive while some were held hostage for a long time so I knew I wanted to be prepared for it all.

Steve had been working there for a total of 9 years he got some basic information on Michael and me and asked where we would like to travel and if we are living up to that currently.  The one word that really bothered me during this experience was “deserve” they mentioned it several times in the video presentation which was actually very entertaining.  “You work hard, you DESERVE this trip and lifestyle.”

Yes, I work hard so does Michael, but if you are in debt you can’t live outside your means since society says you DESERVE something.  The entitlement era is just now how we chose to live and that word rubbed me wrong.  Those irresponsible choices got us into debt in the first place. *Rant over*

Steve wasn’t pushy which I liked, he later brought his boss over and was able to reduce the Membership one-time fee from about $11,000 to a little less than $7,000. With the payment plan they mapped out for us, we still said no and were on our way to receive our gifts.

We then waited in a hallway with others who had said no.  When we were called I thought YAY time for our gifts, but NO.  It was another chance to get in on the offer with a no commitment they called it a trail.  We said, “No” and this lady was not too happy she pouted and walked us to a small waiting room with chairs and after about 10 minutes we were called.  This new lady had us sign off on our gifts, we got a voucher for the Theme Park, and a voucher for a trip to one of their resorts, a $100 Restaurant.com gift card, and our $40 deposit in cash.


Overall, my experience was pleasant I enjoyed the drive from Tehachapi, CA (Kern County) to Encino, CA, but mostly the experience I had with Michael.  It was fun for me. Yes, there is some legwork and deadlines on the vouchers with expiration dates, but I don’t mind that at all.  Details are fun I hope to write about these trips in the future! 🙂 Thank you for reading!




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