Our debt free journey

We are still going on this road to get debt free.  As previously mentioned in Adios, plastic! Hello, paper!

Still in Baby Step #2 (But Credit Cards are gone YAY)

We are attacking our home mortgage, car payment, and a repo car loan that took us to collections. So scary, but you know what it won’t happen again!

Totaling about $187,000

However, some may say that is still a lot.  It is and you know what I am so excited to pay them off.  I love seeing our debt go down and with God all things are possible.

A few changes this year:

  • We are expecting our baby boy Declan Joseph Barton late October, but I am thinking early November
  • Michael is going to be working full-time and going back to school full-time

With these changes and our dedication to being more responsible for our growing family, we have had to learn to say “No.”  Dave Ramsey talks about in his book, The Total Money Makeover that some people will get upset over this, but who is really paying your bills?


Sadly in a culture where when invited or asked something your honest answer of “No” it’s not in my budget should be respected.  No, does not equal that you hate them or are against them it is being true to your commitments.  Also, your budget shouldn’t be anyone else’s business.  I have helped many friends with their debt, they were willing to listen to what I learned, however, I just make up figures, money can be very touchy to some people.

We use the Everydollar app it is FREE and easy to use and we both share the same login so we can see where we are in case we forget.

You can view on your laptop or cell phone!

Android download link

iTunes download link



Note: We are not sponsored by Everydollar or Dave Ramsey.  Just a huge fan and it works I want others to have the success we have in paying down debt and saving!


2 thoughts on “Our debt free journey

    1. I like seeing it all so we know what we are working with, but we are paying off the smaller debts first. The cars are the only thing we have. Thank you for reading! Also, for your question. I’m a futuristic so I think seeing it all is great to know what we will soon be paying. So without our home our debt is about $33,000.


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