My Hero & Rock

I don’t know what I would do without Michael.

Before we found out we were pregnant we had our fair share of fights or what we call “growing opportunities” however experiencing this new season has been a tug on us emotionally.

Not saying this journey is going to get easy, but with God at the center we know we will enjoy the ride.  Praising God through every season is our motto!

Ever since we found out we were pregnant there were days I wanted to brag about what Michael was doing for me and this baby.  However, I didn’t want to let the surprise out of the bag.  We went back and forth on wanting to do a big gender reveal or announcement. As much as social media can bring people together it has turned into a competition of sorts and I didn’t want the pressure.  We had received some negativity from co-workers and some friends for no reason – this was upsetting.  Not wanting to expose our little to that, we decided to just use word of mouth and share with those nearest and dearest to us like the old days before technology.  ❤

After we found out the gender, family members asked if they could share on social media which prompted Michael to share something in his unique way.  At that point, everyone I wanted to tell already knew so I was okay with this.


Michael has helped me wake up mornings that were rough especially in the first trimester.  He has made sure I had enough food and even made sure it was what I was craving.  He also learned to make French fries and chicken pesto pasta so sweet!  It has also been sweet of him to put me to bed and he knows I have trouble sleeping without him so even though at 7 PM he wasn’t tired or even 6:15 PM he would lay and cuddle with me just to make sure I fell asleep.

He is already being an awesome daddie, but a great husband too I am so thankful for this pregnancy in bringing us closer together!




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