Love Needs Muscle Confusion

spadesAfter reading a chapter from The Magnolia Story I learned the Gaines have never had a TV in their home (13 years no TV).  I am not a big TV person, but the primary relax option for my husband is “couch + TV” with a movie.  Before we got married I shared with him that I did not want a TV in the bedroom and I am thankful he was on the same page.

In learning that they didn’t have TV and seeing how much of a routine we had got into of couch + TV time I decided to pose a challenge for us, to try something together besides cuddling on the couch.  In most cases, I would fall asleep and was awakened by Michael, “You fell asleep again let’s go to bed.” 🙂

Challenges are great and I  enjoy making them and keeping them.  Probably something in my DNA that sees an exciting thrill in it all.  As every muscle needs to be confused in a workout after a period of time so does your relationship.  I call it “dating muscle confusion.” Doing something out of the ordinary will refresh it to be better!  IT can honestly be anything, relationships with friends, family trips, work, but my it in this situation is my marriage to Michael! ❤

Over that past weekend with his family he showed me how to play a game called Spades – seems there are several ways to play, but I am still learning ;).  I was told I become a bit competitive whoopsie!  In my mind, I was trying to prove to my husband that I was getting the hang of it.  I suggested we play Spades as a date night activity and his reply was, “You can’t play with two people!”  Such a rule follower haha. Well, I just wanted to create a fun memory together by playing cards and remixing it in a way that we both could laugh.

As it turns out you can play with two people!  😉

We played 15 rounds and it was honestly the most fun we had I am not sure how long it took, but when we were done we both were pretty happy about our intentional time with each other. Face time and friendly competition.  I think he won that night, but to me, it didn’t matter.  Michael is my best friend he knows me better than I know myself.  I appreciate that he is willing to try something that might not sound possible or even interesting but in the end, he will share with me that it was a great time. 🙂




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