I love dating!

In movies you see the guy plan the date.  They shower the young lady with gifts, dinner, and some fun activity.  After you get married some people forget to date their spouse.  I knew early on I was wanting to continue to date Michael and plan it in our calendar each week.  I heard a couple share that taking turns in planning a date really worked for them; since they both felt pursued and enjoyed planning a date.  I felt this would be fun and work for us.

After mentioning it to Michael he was on board with the idea.  I took the lead and picked a date, time, and with our newlywed budget I figured out creative things to do. They don’t have to be extravagant they just have to be intentional.

First, find a date during the week that both of you are free and create a budget together.

Second, keep it a surprise and if they must know something give them a hint like what to wear.  🙂

Third, try to do something you think they would really enjoy.

Lastly, if you have time create something for the date.  I looked at Pinterest for ideas and found inspiration in creating a humorous questionnaire.

Also, discuss beforehand if you will have your phone on this date.  WE didn’t talk about this, but we have been actively trying to be present with one another and neither of us brought out our phone.  We talked a lot — like we did when we were just getting to know each other.  It was awesome!

Vasquez Rocks Natural Area Park a surprise trip that was beautiful. 




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