New Year’s brings a season of freshness.  For some reason, the beginning of a new year allows for us to dream again.  That is very much the case with me.  With that my focus I sought after resources that would lead me to my goal.

Trust me this was a bit overwhelming.  When I go after something I really go after it. Reaching my GOALS during my lifetime has been exciting and thrilling for me.  I thrive under deadlines but sometimes fail to make the deadlines.  I have also noticed that fear is a big factor in some of them not coming to fruition.

As I mentioned in a previous post my commute to work/home is approximately 2 hours.  I wanted this time to be well spent and add to my day – I was hungry for helpful resources.  First, I did research.  Second, I downloaded them.  Third, I listened and was open to the information.  As I started learning from these individuals the commonality with them encompassed gratitude.

Sure Thanksgiving is a day and season where this is voiced, but what about the rest of the year?  My curiosity continued and I found this book on my favorite app Overdrive (being on a budget and pretty frugal) I love the idea of checking out books with my library card knowing I will not get a late fee since the book just disappears when it is due. 🙂


Janice begins her story at a New Year’s party she did not want to be at and how this idea of being grateful for one year crossed her mind.  She turned this into an experiment and would document her progress in her diary.  Each month was different, however, this attitude of gratitude seemed to become who she was. Negative thoughts didn’t last very long she was really changing and sharing what she was learning with others.  In most cases, they were not ready to hear what she had learned, they still wanted to complain, however, several weeks would pass and they would share how the attitude of gratitude was beginning to work in their lives.

I started practicing this with my own life.  Sharing thankfulness to Michael for driving on days we went to church, thanking those I work with for their time, and even being grateful for the rain and weather changes.  If it wasn’t for the rain we wouldn’t experience the lush green freeways.  My perspective changed even when I was running late to work or if I forgot to bring my lunch.  I even started asking Michael what he is grateful for, it is so fun to hear what it is that day.  Gratitude shouldn’t just be for one holiday it should be an attitude we carry throughout our life.  Yes, life happens and not everything is perfect but isn’t that how life was meant to be.  As one road is blocked with a sign reading “under construction” there is probably a more scenic route to take that could be more lovely.

Perspective is key to your success.  It has been loads of help for me in this new season of my life.  Thank you for reading and how about taking a moment for yourself to be grateful! 🙂




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