Creating Healthy habits!

We started the new year with some goals in mind like cooking more yummy food together. 🙂

He grilled outside while I chopped veggies and worked on making some yummy, yet ugly protein muffin, protein bread, protein pancake, and protein waffle. (Not photographed for the embarrassment factor)


I have to say cooking together is such a joy to my day. I really love spending quality time in the kitchen with him.  We both get our love cup overflowing since we both value QT abundantly. We have country music playing and will dance in between cooking which is just so beautiful.  I try making him laugh with my silly dances and he sings to me. (He has a great voice)


This is his take on tacos! We are taco lovers and when I saw the head I said, “It looks like cabbage. He said, “Nope its lettuce.” As we ate it we realize it was cabbage, but you know what it was so sturdy in holding all that meat and homemade salsa. So I highly recommend this alternative. 🙂



Just another meal that Michael served me in the shape of a heart ❤️ on accident, but with me being an artist I felt the love!


Helpful resource: If you haven’t done this yet I highly recommend taking the 5 ❤️ Languages Quiz!




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