Relationships are tough, they are ever changing.  They can blossom to wonderful pieces of work or they can die.  Every relationship has moments of highs, lows, and sometimes rocky.  I have experienced a lot of them and learned a lot along the way.

Finding our tribe, squad, or whatever you may call it is unique and special to find.  It allows life to be all the more enjoyable as well.  Being married doesn’t create more time in the day to seek those already developed/ needing to get developed relationships.  They need to be planned out and intentional on both sides.  With me being a planner I love seeing something on the calendar showing a “girls night” or “coffee date” where I can connect with a friend in a safe place.  This next year I am seeking to pursue these friendships more and be a better friend.  🙂

God created relationships in order to build community, not competition.  With the new year around the corner seek the kind of relationships you want.  Be the friend you would want to have.  Enjoy the moments with those you plan dates with and be present perhaps leaving your phone in your purse or pocket.

I’m thrilled for this NEW YEAR! #intentionalAboutMyTribe2017





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