We will never be at a place in our walk with Jesus that is perfect.  It is just never going to happen.  Progress not perfection.  It’s a great MANTRA to have when you are needing to step out and stand up in trying something, anything, just moving is progress.

My journey to serve our church has been one that I should have done sooner.  I wish I had been obedient from the start, but I felt unworthy to the call.  How many times does that hold us back from doing something we know we should?  For me, it has happened more than I would like to say.  However, finally jumping in and following the call to serve in the unknown territory was thrilling and scary.  I have great people beside me encouraging me.

Cheerleaders are great to have on your team and they truly bring value to the table.  I have been blessed to be a part of the CARE team at church.  Most of what we do is pray for the needs of the body.  We have seen great things happen from this ministry.  I learn so much from each individual on this team.  I don’t feel judged on how I pray; I feel we all have our own prayer swagger to the group.  When we get together I feel God smiling on us. 🙂

In addition to serving on Sunday morning we meet once a week, at first I wasn’t very excited about the drive I would have after the hour meeting.  For flesh reasons of course, sometimes Michael and I were fighting or I had a lot on my mind that I just felt tired.  However, each time I got out of this prayer meeting I felt I could do another 12 hours.  I would leave the meeting talking to God on my drive and just thankful to God for all the goodness and blessings.  I have also called my hubs and said sorry for what I had said or done.  Most situations have been a miscommunication on both sides.  We are learning loads about the other and sometimes I wish I could speed it up, but we have forever to figure it out.  🙂

My personal prayer life has been changed by this ministry for the better, I pray over everything.  My praise to God has changed from this ministry as before I rarely thanked God.  My love for God has grown exponentially and I have to say that the best feeling is knowing where you need to be and going to that spot. Obedience is important to the growth and as Joyce Meyer says, “I didn’t get here wishing.”

Let’s grow more in 2017!




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