There are moments my flesh is screaming, “NO, don’t do it.”  

Obedience defined by Merriam-Webster Dictionary – an act or instance of obeying

This has been hard for me, I desire to be a Proverbs 31 wife, seeking God when things in life are not going the way I would like.  At times Michael seems to be my adversary, but in reality, he isn’t.  The enemy puts those thoughts in my head so I will remain stubborn towards a part of myself; (Michael and I are 1) we proclaimed our commitment to each other on our wedding day.  If I am weak he is strong and vice versa.  We are a team.

The test with obedience is not just one I experience with Michael on the day-to-day it is also with those I work with, friends, and family.  Obedience has been with acts of service for them, giving of my time, giving of my ears, and so much more that I feel prompted to do and sometimes don’t.  Since I desire to accomplish goals and have mini successes during my weeks it made me think of a fun challenge for myself.  To be obedient so I can see a heart change that would hopefully overflow to those around me.

The times I have been obedient I experience an overwhelming peace and freedom because I didn’t give into my flesh.  I desire more of that!  Less stress, more love, and compassion for those in need.  My challenge will be for 21 days, I figured a number would help me create a healthy habit and a goal to complete.  Send me prayers and your love to reach my goal!

Thank y’all!



Photo credit from this awesome blog her name is Amanda.


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