The Switch

After the wedding day there is marriage!  During our wedding planning, I had wise mentors pouring into me.  They shared that the wedding is “one day”.  This really lightened my load for the day, since I had been mentally preparing for the marriage.

Boy was I in for a treat….growing is such a HUGE part of this season – learning a load of information about who I am married to is fun and challenging at times. However, I would not change a single thing in the last month and a half.  Michael is my best friend, my training partner, my sprint mate, my chef, and my fur-baby walking buddy.

During this season I have been blessed to experience a new town – which has added to my work commute.  Fortunately, I didn’t let this minor obstacle hinder my spirit.  I poured into listening to audio books which I have appreciated on my 1 hour, 10 minute drive to Bakersfield; sometimes, it is an hour and 30 minute drive home.  The drive has become a sense of calm and quite relaxing – sometimes I make calls to catch up with my family and friends or I pray.

The audio books I have been able to enjoy are mostly by Joyce Meyer – Battlefield of the Mind, Get Your Hopes Up!, Living Courageously, and currently The Mind Connection. Each book has really been my answer for what I was or am going through.  I know God led me to them on purpose.  Sometimes I dwell in self pity, compare myself, dwell on the past and so much more.  I am a work in progress, but one area I really am putting my energy towards is my thoughts.  If I stop the bad thought it will not have any room to grow.  It will just disappear so to speak. I love the idea of it disappearing! 🙂

I’ll share more in my next post on why these books have encouraged me.




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